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How do you clean your shower room?

The most common way to separate wet and dry areas in a bathroom today is to install a shower enclosure. However, the glass of the shower room will inevitably get stains and scales over time, which is a very troublesome thing. Stubborn stains cannot be removed by light wiping, the method is wrong and it is easy to scratch the glass. So how to easily remove limescale without hurting the glass?

Stainless steel shower room maintenance tips 1: glass scraper
For the situation that the glass door is stained with mist and water vapor for a long time after each bath, you can use a glass scraper. It's easy and affordable to remove water vapour before it turns into limescale, and to scrape the glass after a shower.

Stainless steel shower room maintenance tips 2: soap + gauze
In the case of light scale on the glass, wrap the remaining soap in the bathroom in gauze or old stockings, then wipe the dirt on the glass, and finally wash it with warm water, dry it with a dry cloth, and the shower room will be as bright as new. Not easy to be contaminated with water vapor.

Stainless steel shower room maintenance tips three: toothpaste / lemonade + × shape
If there is a white or light white watermark on the shower glass, the degree of stains is relatively light. At this time, just apply a little toothpaste to the watermark, wipe it with a damp cloth, and rinse it with water; or pour the lemon slices into the watering can, and then spray the lemonade on the glass door in a large "X" shape. Repeatedly wipe along the "×" direction, and when it is seven minutes dry, scrub with warm water, and the glass door is as clean as ever.

Stainless steel shower room maintenance tips four: tea + plastic wrap
If your shower is scaled or stained in the form of white lumps or particles, the stain is moderate to light, especially in bathrooms close to the kitchen. At this time, you need to stick a piece of plastic wrap on the stain on the glass door, wait for 10 minutes, let the white particles solidified on the glass door soften, and then tear off the plastic wrap. Use a towel dipped in spiced tea (overnight tea is best) to wipe clean, and the stains disappear.

Stainless steel shower room maintenance tips five: alcohol + newspaper
If the limescale on the glass door is white or yellowish, the degree of contamination is moderate. It can be wiped with useless old newspaper, because the ink on the newspaper has a better adsorption effect. Before using the old newspaper, pour alcohol with a concentration of 75% into a watering can (usually 95% alcohol needs to be diluted), spray on the stained glass, and then fold the old newspaper to wipe the glass, and the glass will look like new immediately.

Stainless steel shower room maintenance tips six: water + vinegar + salt
If your shower glass scale is yellow or even black, it is a tougher stain to remove. You can use 50% vinegar to 50% water, add a little salt, mix it into a solution, and spray it on the glass door. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, wipe with a dry cloth, the stains can be removed. Or directly immerse the towel in the solution, twist it into a semi-dry shape after 5 minutes, wipe the glass door, and the effect will be immediate.

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