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How to choose the size of the shower room?

As we all know, choosing the right person may be more important than love; but installing a good home must be more important than being suitable. As the protagonist of the bathroom, the shower room with dry and wet separation cannot be ignored. What is the appropriate size of the shower room?

1. What is the appropriate shower size?
(1) Width of shower room
The width of the shower room is about 900*900 mm, which can meet the needs of life. Of course, the minimum width should not be less than 800*800mm. Because if it is less than 800 mm, it will limit the free rotation of the human body. I believe that no one would like to hit the glass at the moment of turning around. If you are a very fat friend, you can change it to 1000*1000 mm. At the same time, we can also make adjustments according to the actual situation.
(2) Height of shower room
The height of the shower room is about 1800-2000 mm, because the ceiling of an ordinary family toilet is about 2400 mm. If the height of your family is large, you can design the height of the shower room according to the height of your family. Here is a warm reminder that the height of the shower equipment, if it is too low, it will easily splash water, and if it is too high, it will affect the appearance, so it should be determined according to the actual user's height ratio.
(3) Distance from heating facilities
The distance between the shower room and these heating facilities also needs to be carefully considered. The common heating facilities in the bathroom generally include Yuba, radiators, and air heaters. For example: Yuba needs to be determined according to the entire bathroom area, not necessarily the top of the shower room. If the location is very close to the shower room, it is easy to cause aging of the heating facilities.

2. Measurement method of shower room size
(1) It is worth paying special attention to the curved shower room and the one-shaped shower room. For the curved shower room, it is only necessary to measure the peripheral size of the stone foundation on both sides. The measurement size of the ordinary one-shaped shower room will be larger than the actual size. After installation, the size will be reduced by 5 mm, and the glass clamp will be reduced by 2 mm. If you find it troublesome, you can choose the Kaili shower room series with adjustable joint wall materials.
(2) Throughout the actual measurement, some house types will tilt or sink due to decoration and other reasons. The measurement at this time is to record the specific width of the upper, middle and lower positions, and choose the smallest size to customize the shower room.
(3) In the measurement, it is inevitable to encounter strange and strange house type requirements, such as: reinforced doors, extended tie rods, etc. In this particular case, it is necessary to measure the size of the abnormal area and determine the correct opening direction and door frame size.


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