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How to customize the curved shower room?

Since the size of each family bathroom is different, the shower room is a customizable product. It is determined which style of shower room to install according to the layout of the bathroom. The following MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. will explain to you. What to pay attention to when customizing the curved shower room!

The curved shower room occupies a small area and is a sliding door, which is very suitable for small apartment spaces. There are aluminum alloy and stainless steel to choose from in the purchase of materials. The anti-embroidery of stainless steel is better than that of aluminum alloy, and the price will also be Relatively expensive; the thickness of shower room glass is mostly 6mm and 8mm. It is necessary to look for CCC-certified tempered glass, and the surface is pasted with a high-hardness diamond explosion-proof film and coated with nano-self-cleaning, which not only ensures safety but also is convenient. Daily cleaning work; in addition, the push and pull of the pulley device should be smooth and noise-free. It is best to choose 304 stainless steel, which will have better stability.

The magnetism of the magnetic suction strip must be good, so that the gap between the door and the door will be tightly closed, and there will be no gaps to prevent the bath water from splashing. The waterproof rubber strip should be made of PVC, which is environmentally friendly and has strong hydrophilicity. ;The bottom of the arc can choose to install a stone foundation or a bottom basin, both of which are extremely beautiful, but the bottom basin has strong permeability, which is more suitable for families with insufficient bathroom waterproofing. You can choose according to the overall situation of your own bathroom. Custom shower enclosure products.

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