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How to design dry and wet separation of stainless steel shower room?

In warm spring, it should be full of warmth, but when there are hidden dangers at home, some people turn into winter. How to protect the home, not only to prevent head theft, but also to prevent the hidden dangers of decoration. This March is the peak decoration season. At this time of year, many disputes are caused by decoration. Oversight of the decorating process may set the stage for later decorating.


Generally speaking, before installing a simple shower room, the size of the shower room, faucets, nozzles, showers and pipes in Hefei should be considered in advance. The installation of the shower enclosure is the final stage of the construction period. Due to the long time span, many issues are easily overlooked. First, let's look at the location of the shower enclosure. The owner intends to put the door on the right. The water retaining belt in the shower room has been laid in advance, and one corner of the 900*900 water retaining belt is just below the door pocket line. In this case, the aluminum frame and glass of the shower enclosure cannot be installed.


In order to ensure the smooth installation of the shower room, the installer can only cut the door casing line with scissors, and cut off the excess part with a chisel. If the angle of the shower stall is not enough, the owner should sand the corner of the shower stall and then put sand on the shower stall to see if it is clean enough.
Additionally, the aluminum frame must be adjusted vertically by the master hand during installation. If the glass is not vertical, uneven stress is likely to occur after installation, resulting in glass explosion. Also, keep some space between the aluminum frame and the door pocket line. When installing on the back, it should be sealed with glass glue or sealing strip glue to prevent the water in the shower room from flowing out, which will cause the door bag to be wet later.




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