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How to repair the broken shower rooms pulley?

How to repair the broken shower rooms pulley?

1. If your sliding door is stuck, lubricate the roller with penetrating oil. Remove any debris from the track that may obstruct the movement of the door.

2. If the glass door swings or the stick adjusts the roller, the sliding door moves as it moves along the track. Look for the small holes at the top and bottom of the door near the rollers. Depending on the design of your door, the adjustment holes can be in the front of the door or along the edge. Insert a small Phillips screwdriver into each hole and turn the expander roller counterclockwise if your gate is too loose. If the door card retracts inside the roller turn the screwdriver clockwise.

3. Lift the bottom of the sliding door vertically upwards from the track rollers to remove the bottom set. Pull the door down, away from the top track to release the top roller. Place the door on a sturdy table or bench roller so you have a clear cut.

4. Inspect the rollers and replace any that are damaged, damaged or worn. To remove the roller, screw above the adjustment hole. Try not to separate, door frames, and glass break rollers.

5. Remove the mounting screws along the top and bottom doorways if the track shows signs of damage or wear. Install the replacement track and tighten the screws to secure the new track.

6. Tilt the bottom roller to set the top of the roller on the top track towards you when you are ready to reinstall the sliding glass door. Lower the bottom of the door to the bottom track where the rollers snap into place. Repeat step 2 to adjust the rollers if the door does not fit on the correct track.

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