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The floor of the shower room is uneven. Do you want to smash the floor tiles? What other remedies?

The floor of the shower room is uneven, and the accumulated water will not leak to the ground. How to solve it?

Regarding this problem, when we tiled the floor of the shower room, we did not find a good slope. To solve the problem after laying the tiles, the original tiles must be used instead of removing them. The home miscellaneous altar provides three solutions for you: one is to lay a floor on the tile, the other is to install the finished bath on the tile, and the third is to simply lay the floor mat. The three measures are introduced below.

1. Floor

The so-called floor is to add another layer of stone or ceramic tile to the original ground. The purpose is to raise the central area of ​​the shower room floor and let it flow around. This ensures that the water can flow out in a timely manner and does not cause water to accumulate in the floor area of ​​the shower room.

Practice introduction:

The first step is to make another layer of stone or tile according to the area of ​​the shower room. The added ground is the platform, and the thickness of the platform is recommended to choose tiles or stones about 20mm thick. The size is about 100mm smaller than the size of each side of the shower room.

The second step is pavement. We process the stone or ceramic tile of the size we require and lay it in the shower room as a whole. In this way, a platform should be formed in the central area of ​​the shower room. There are drainage channels around the floor.

The third step is sealing. After the ceramic tile or stone is laid on the ground, sealant should be applied to the junction. This prevents water from entering the lower part. In addition, we must pay attention to find a good slope, so that water can flow into the floor drain in time.

Pay attention to the problem: first, the platform we added must be made into a whole. That is to say, the whole stone is processed directly according to the size, and it is directly placed on the ground during paving. Second, we must confirm the flow direction of the drainage trough and flow all the water to the floor drain to ensure timely drainage. Third, we must ensure that the floor we install is non-slip to prevent falling due to water.


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