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Introducing the Diamond Shower Room!

Many families are now tending to have higher and higher requirements for their bathrooms. Most people think that a separate shower room is indispensable, because the shower room just separates the dry and wet, forming a relatively independent. Shower space.

But because the size of each bathroom is different, what shape shower room is more suitable? Today I will introduce you to the diamond-shaped shower room.

In the classification of shower rooms, the diamond-shaped shower room is a refreshing and atmospheric type, and it is one of the more popular mainstream shower rooms today, with a fashionable and elegant appearance.

It is made of three whole-sided tempered glass, and the glass thickness is usually 8 mm or even 10 mm. It maintains the tough edges and corners in the shape, just like the cutting surface of a diamond, which is very modern.

It is generally a swing door design. The opening and closing door is relatively light and convenient, but it will take up a lot of space. If other bathroom products are placed next to the shower door, it is easy to collide with the glass door, which will affect the stability of the shower room, so Be sure to keep a certain distance when designing.

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