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What are the introductions of the one-line shower room?

The one-line shower room has a simple structure and is suitable for customization. After all, the size of each family bathroom is different. When measuring the ruler, you should take the three widths of the upper, middle and lower. It is a little troublesome, and there may be problems in the later use, so you should pay special attention to this point. The shower room manufacturer-MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. will be your good choice!

The one-line shower room only needs two pieces of glass to realize the separation of dry and wet. It is generally placed in a long and narrow bathroom. The door opening methods include double doors moving each other, one fixed and one movable, two doors linked, and three doors linked. You can choose the position of the bath utensils. If there are no bathroom utensils on both sides, you can choose two doors to move each other or three doors to link. The way of linkage; it is just that the overall price of the two-door linkage and the three-door linkage will be more expensive than the two-door mutual-moving and one-fixed-one-live door opening methods.

Regarding the in-line base, you can choose a stone base or a bottom basin, but most families will choose a stone base. A stone base can be installed to achieve dry and wet separation, and the price is affordable, but it is not so good for the waterproof work of the bathroom. , In the bathroom where water often accumulates, you need to install a bottom basin. The drainage speed of the bottom basin will be faster and better, and it is also deodorant and insect-proof, cost-effective and practical. Whether it is a stone base or a bottom basin, both are extremely beautiful and durable!

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