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What are the related introductions of the curved shower room?

With the popularization of dry and wet separation, various shower tools have appeared in front of the public, and the overall shower room has entered everyone's field of vision. The shower room manufacturers have considered the different needs of each person, so they have produced different types of shower rooms. There are common one-line, arc, square and diamond shapes, each of which is loved by consumers. Below, MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. will introduce you to the arc fan-shaped shower room!



With its irregular shape and rounded lines, the curved shower room is made into a space that can be installed in different sizes of bathrooms, but the glass of this style of shower room is not suitable for too thick, most of which are 6mm glass, and The arc fan shape is not suitable for customization, but its glass can be lengthened or widened. Generally speaking, the opening method of the curved shower room is push-pull, which can save a lot of space. Compared with the diamond-shaped shower room, the utilization rate of the curved shower room is higher, and it only needs to be placed in a small corner. If the bathroom space at home is small, you can consider installing a curved fan-shaped shower room.


The size of the common arc shower room on the market is generally 900mm*900mm, 900mm*1000mm, 900mm*1200mm, 1000mm*1000mm, 1000mm*1100mm, 1000mm*1300mm, 1200mm*1200mm, and the common height is 1850mm-2000mm.


In addition, the size of the curved shower room is calculated according to the length of the two sides installed against the wall. This style of shower room will be more beautiful with a bottom basin, but the price of the bottom basin will be more expensive, and the shape of the arc fan-shaped shower room is more special, so the overall price will be more expensive; the size is generally 900mm*900mm. Enough is enough. If you make it smaller, it is generally 800mm*1000mm. If the size is smaller, the shower space will be relatively narrow, which will affect the shower experience.

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