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What is the correct way to install a swing door shower room?

One of the important accessories of a swing door shower room is the hinge. The hinges used by most of the overall shower room manufacturers on the market are mainly divided into hinge hinges and spring hinges. The most important thing when buying a shower room is safety performance, and modern The shower room brand usually adopts the design of turning pump, which has a strong bearing capacity, the movable door is stable and does not fall, and the safety factor is high.

In addition to safety issues, the waterproof performance of the shower room also plays a crucial role. The use of spring hinge shower rooms is prone to water leakage. It is recommended that people pay attention to the material of the waterproof strip when purchasing a shower room. The movable door sealed by the organ rubber strip and the fixed glass gap can be watertight.

If there is water leakage at the joint between the shower room and the wall, the hinge, and the joint between the door and the door, it is necessary to observe whether the sealing strip is coherent at this time, preferably from top to bottom. The connection between the shower room and the stone foundation, the bottom basin, and the return sink inside the shower room are the most easily overlooked. These inconspicuous details are valid proofs of brand quality.

A good swing door shower room is inseparable from the cooperation of glass, metal fittings and rubber strips. Only by achieving safety, waterproof, beautiful and comfortable can the requirements be met. Finally, what the editor wants to say is that the choice of a swing door shower room or a sliding door shower room is related to personal preferences, usage habits, decoration style and bathroom layout. Both the swing door and the sliding door have their own advantages, and each has its own application. Users only need to choose the one they like or apply.

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