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How about a built-in bathtub?

1. Comfortable height installation
The installation height of the built-in bathtub is generally about 600mm. When installing the bathtub, one end of the drain must be slightly lower than the other end to ensure smooth drainage. At the same time, the drain pipe should be slightly inverted S-shape, so as to prevent back odor. In addition, installation against the wall is the most commonly used installation method for embedded bathtubs. One is to save space, and the other is to facilitate the installation of water and electricity.

2. Luxurious material paving
The countertop of the built-in bathtub can adopt the same style of wall tiles, mosaic, artificial stone, marble, etc., depending on the style of home decoration. At present, most decorators choose marble paving countertops. Marble paving countertops have the characteristics of fewer joints and easy cleaning, and the overall decoration effect is more atmospheric and luxurious. The choice of materials involves style, depending on what you like and the style that suits your family, maybe you can also decorate a piece of art.

3. Convenient and simple maintenance
Ordinary built-in bathtub repair is relatively simple, as long as the entire bathtub is removed from the countertop, it can be repaired. The built-in jacuzzi must reserve an inspection port when the marble or ceramic tile is attached for future maintenance. Generally, the size of the access opening is 250mm*300mm. For the sake of beauty, the same marble or ceramic tiles can be glued on the access opening with glue. So even the unsightly location is decorated as a highlight.


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