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How to buy acrylic bathtub?

1. Look at the quality of the bathtub
The acrylic bathtub body is composed of the surface layer (acrylic layer) and the inner layer (glass fiber resin reinforced layer). The inner layer of the good-quality acrylic bathtub surface layer is tightly combined without layering, and there is no hollow sound when tapped gently. Smooth as porcelain, flat as a mirror, looking backlit, no undulations on the plane, no polished patterns, no warping on the straight face, standard arc, uniform thickness of the cylinder, light weight, strong and elastic, touch the inside of the cylinder by hand It should be smooth, no powder, no hands tied, tightly occluded between the skirt and the cylinder body, and the gaps are consistent. The surface of the bathtub of good quality has good gloss and flatness. Attention should be paid to whether there are small cracks, flaws, orange peel and other defects on the surface.



2. Look at the thickness
The thickness of the acrylic cylinder is generally 3~10mm, and the thicker the better, pay attention to the surface finish and flatness, pay attention to small cracks and defects, and do not buy those bathtubs with orange peel on the surface.

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