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How to choose a built-in bathtub?

There are many precautions for the installation of embedded bathtubs:

1. Observe the airtightness
After the bathtub is lifted into the bathroom, start to install the water accessories, fill the bathtub with water, turn off the water, and check for water leakage. If there is an overflow, when the water overflows over the overflow, the water in the bathtub will flow out from the overflow.

2. Drainage of the bathtub
After the drain hose of the bathtub is connected to the drain, the four sides of the bathtub are leveled with a spirit level and the water is discharged for testing. The debugging is successful after the water is drained quickly.

3. Bathtub pedestal
For built-in bathtubs, it is generally recommended to wait until the bathtub arrives before building a table. This will produce a better effect. Generally, the built-in bathtubs on the market are equipped with brackets. After receiving the goods, the bathtub can be adjusted and the table can be built. If there is no bracket, you need to use river sand on the bottom of the bathtub, and pave and smash the bottom of the bathtub. Bricklayers will also suggest building bricks. Considering that bricks are not as fluid as river sand, they are suitable to fill all gaps. In the process of filling the river with sand, how to use the sand not to leak into the water pipe is a problem to be solved.

4. Reserve an inspection port
It is generally recommended to reserve two 400mm*400mm inspection holes in the reserved place for hot and cold water and the reserved place for power supply, which is convenient for later maintenance and ventilation and heat dissipation of the bottom of the bathtub.

5. Tiling
The bathtub is built, and a layer of cement mortar is applied to the surface. Remember to let the cement master spread the cement evenly, and then paste the bricks.


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