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How to choose Shower Panels and showers when decorating?

In fact, for office workers, the best way to get tired of a busy day is to quickly take a hot bath after returning home. So when it comes to bathing, then we have to talk about bathing tools, because nowadays living conditions have improved and people's lifestyles have also changed, so bathing tools have become diversified. I have always felt that it is impossible to make an accurate judgment as to which is better, Shower Panels or shower. So let's take a look today, how to choose between these two!
Shower Panels
The biggest feature of the shower screen is that its appearance is really good-looking, and it gives a sense of tall. And it is very convenient in the process of use, and can avoid splashing. And some high-end shower screens also have many functions, such as massage, which can well meet the various needs of different people. In addition, the problem of cumbersomeness and large area was solved during the installation, so in fact, many wealthy people now choose to install this.
In fact, showers are used more often in ordinary households, mainly because the price of showers is relatively cheap, and relatively speaking, it is easy to install. Of course, because there are actually more types of painting methods, it is also suitable for bathrooms of different sizes. This kind of shower is also very convenient to use, and the water pressure required is relatively small, so it saves water.
Summary: According to the size of the bathroom and your own needs.

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