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How to choose the right glass for the shower room?

Due to the slow heat transfer in the sealed air layer, considering energy saving, generally high-quality shower rooms will choose double-layer insulating glass. Compared with single glass, double-layer insulating glass has higher heat insulation performance. If indoor air conditioners or air conditioners are used in summer or winter, energy consumption can be effectively reduced.
Safety considerations; In terms of safety, tempered glass is generally used, because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass, and other properties are better than ordinary glass.

Decorative effect; the glass at the sunrise position is generally made of heat-absorbing coated glass, and ordinary white glass is used indoors. Because heat-absorbing glass can absorb infrared light, it can reduce ultraviolet radiation, thereby reducing indoor heat energy. The various colors and decorative effects of these heat-absorbing glasses are more obvious than ordinary glasses.
Now there are often news about the self-explosion of stainless steel shower rooms, which causes many people to hesitate when choosing. In fact, most of this is caused by not paying attention when choosing. We can use these methods to reduce the self-explosion of Guangdong shower rooms. Rate.

We can use tempered glass and laminated glass, both of which are safety glass and have strong mechanical strength. More importantly, they are all glass that is not easy to burst and has high safety.


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