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How to choose the shower room frame?

When making the shower room, the glass needs to be fixed to the wall. In order to better close the edges and increase the stability of the shower glass, generally the shower room needs to be equipped with a metal frame. If the bathroom style is more fashionable, it may be that the details of the shower room frame will be very concerned. Today we will introduce some common shower room frame colors!



First, Silver shower room frame
Silver shower room frame is more popular, silver as a versatile element, placed in the bathroom shower room frame, no matter what style of effect is possible.

Second, black shower room frame
The black shower room frame is the same as the glass sliding door. It is a design element that has recently emerged. Such a black high-grade cold-grade element is placed in the bathroom. Relatively speaking, it is more suitable for some more fashionable and modern bathroom spaces.

Three, other shower room frame
If you are pursuing individuality, you can also make some unusual colors and styles of shower room frame, such as rose gold or copper, which can be matched with a sense of luxury.

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