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How to clean the shower room efficiently?

The bathroom mirror produced in the shower room is stained with oil. You can clean it with a rag and tea, but don't let the tea seep to the edge or back of the mirror, so as not to damage the coating on the back of the mirror. It can also be wiped with a soft cloth or gauze cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax. Do not wipe directly with a wet cloth, otherwise the mirror surface will be more blurred. Dirty mirrors can also be wiped with a cloth dipped in pure alcohol or white vinegar against water, or wiped with slices of white radish, and then dried with a dry cloth. Wipe the mirror and frame with a rag dipped in milk to restore clarity and brightness. 



The manufacturer of MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. recommends using plastic wrap and a damp cloth sprayed with detergent to "regenerate" the glass doors that are often stained with oil. First, spray the glass door with a cleaner, and then put on a plastic wrap to soften the solidified oil stains. After ten minutes, tear off the plastic wrap and wipe with a damp cloth. If there are handwritings on the glass door, rub it with a rubber soak in water, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. If there is paint on the glass door, wipe it with cotton dipped in hot vinegar. Wipe the glass with a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol to make it as bright as crystal.

The glass shower room still has a big problem, which is difficult to achieve. Every time you take a bath, you need to wipe the glass. After finishing the glass, this is the rhythm of the bath. How to clean it up, you need to go to various places to find the correct answer. The current glass shower room is made of toughened glass. Although it is tempered glass, it is also a chance to explode! Who can guarantee that it will not break during washing? Is it necessary to take a "thunder" bath?

When you can keep the shower, you don't splash water, and it's not just a glass shower room. Does the shower curtain have the same function? According to the experience of shower room manufacturers, the space of glass shower room is limited. If the movement is a bit big, it may hit the arm, but the shower curtain will not. The shower curtain does not need to be cleaned, you can change it at any time according to your mood. Can you change your own glass shower room?

If you choose a glass shower room, the bathroom area must be larger and have good cleaning habits. As for safety, you can only pray that it will not happen in your own home. In short, if the size of the bathroom is not very large and requires space mobility, then do not use a glass shower room, the shower curtain will be more suitable.

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