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How to clean the shower room?

The cleaning problem of the shower room has always been a problem that plagues friends. Don’t think that it is cleaned by flushing during the shower. The original brand-new glass will become stained after years of use. How can it be better and more effective How about cleaning the glass in the shower room? A few coups give you a beautiful shower space as new.




1. If there is yellow scale on the glass door, spray it with a special detergent at this time, and then take a dry cotton cloth and wipe it lightly to remove the stain without effort. However, the cleaning agent contains chemical substances and is corrosive. Therefore, if the pendants on the glass door are hardware, special attention should be paid to avoid spraying on them.

2. If the scale is formed after a long time, it will be more difficult to remove. So to deal with this stubborn dirt, you can make a homemade cleaning agent, which is to mix vinegar and salt, and then you can wipe the glass door. This method is pro-test Effective.

3. Waste newspapers that are not usually used at home can also be used as waste. Because newspapers are printed with ink, the ink has the ability to absorb dirt and can be easily removed by wiping back and forth on the glass door.

4. For those who usually clean up often, you can go to the supermarket to buy a glass scraper, because it has various lengths to choose from, it is more convenient, and the use time is also very long, in the long run, it is relatively economical .

5. The toilet cleaner commonly used for cleaning toilets is also a ready-made tool, but it needs to be reminded that because it is relatively corrosive, it is best to wear gloves when cleaning it. After scrubbing with the toilet cleaner, remember to rinse with clean water. , So as not to taste too much.

6. The toothpaste we usually use to brush our teeth will always be left in the tube. At this time, cut the end of the tube with scissors to use the remaining toothpaste. After applying the toothpaste on the glass in the shower room, sprinkle with water. Clean it with a cotton cloth, and then don’t forget to rinse it again with warm water!

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