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How to distinguish between stainless steel and aluminum alloy in shower room?

So far, the shower room has become one of the leading roles in the bathroom. It can provide people with a high-quality shower experience, and the function of dry and wet partition is very popular. Therefore, people choose exquisite and warm shower room products to install in the bathroom. Enjoy alone. However, many consumers buy shower rooms.

The lack of knowledge in this field makes it very easy to buy unwanted products. Common materials in shower rooms are stainless steel and aluminum alloy. What is the difference between these two materials and how do you distinguish between them? Let us analyze the differences between the two shower room manufacturers in detail for everyone!

The material difference of the stainless steel shower room The stainless steel shower room is a stainless steel shower room with tempered glass and other hardware accessories. The material should be 304 stainless steel. Aluminum alloy shower room is made of aluminum alloy. The shower room is composed of an inner frame and an outer frame, and metal fittings (such as tempered glass). The main material is aluminum.

Note: The quality of aluminum used by consumer manufacturers varies. Comparing the corrosion resistance with the corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel shower room is better than that of the aluminum alloy shower room. In the bathing process, shampoos, shower gels or other cleaning products will be corroded by acids and alkalis over time.

The stainless steel shower room is a hygienic consumer product with traditional and modern characteristics. The bathroom can be divided reasonably to achieve better results. Therefore, from the point of view of applicability, not only the operating characteristics of the bathroom become more obvious, but also under the premise of technical assurance.

It also has the advantage of comparing overall performance. In particular, new materials are often used in shower room design. The rooms are beautiful and suitable for many purposes. Shower rooms are divided into simple shower rooms and ordinary shower rooms. Simple shower rooms include straight shower rooms, diamond shower rooms, fan shower rooms and non-standard customized rooms.

Simple showers are more common. The product is tailored to the actual situation, but its simple function is to separate splashes in the shower room and prevent water from appearing in the dry area. The overall shower room can fully complete the multifunctional performance of the shower room. Generally speaking, the level of customization is very low.

The non-standard customization of stainless steel shower rooms is an obstacle to separate separate bathing spaces. Its basic function is to separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. Most simple showers are customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom. Therefore, you can complete more different shapes and styles.


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