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How to distinguish the pros and cons of the shower room?

Note 1: The bathroom area determines the shape of the shower room
The shape of the shower room is generally symmetrical arc sector, square, diamond, etc. There are sliding doors, folding doors, hinged doors, etc. The way of entry is divided into angular entry or single-sided entry, and the biggest feature of angular entry It can expand the utilization rate, can make better use of the limited bathroom area, and use more styles. The shape of the shower room should refer to the size and direction of the bathroom.



Note 2: "Three Nothing" products cannot be bought
The main material of the shower room is tempered glass. The quality of tempered glass varies greatly. If you look carefully at authentic tempered glass, there are faint patterns. You must buy a shower room from regular channels. It depends on the brand. You can’t try to be cheap. Some advertised as high-end shower rooms, which look beautiful and have many functions. Rust, the heat can not be discharged, and even the glass will explode.


Note 3: Warranty period of the steam shower room
When buying a shower room with steam function, you should pay attention to the steam engine and computer control panel. If the steam engine fails to turn off, it won’t be long before it breaks. In addition, the computer control panel is also the core part of the shower room. Since all the function keys of the shower room are on the computer board, once the computer board has a problem, the entire shower room cannot be activated. Therefore, be sure to ask about the warranty time of the steam engine and the computer board when purchasing.


Note 4: Whether the plate of the chassis is environmentally friendly
The texture of the shower room chassis is divided into three types: glass fiber, acrylic and diamond, with the best diamond fastness and easy dirt cleaning. At present, the sheets used in shower rooms are mainly acrylic. It is said that the glass filaments used in some composite acrylic sheets contain formaldehyde, which is prone to air pollution. The determination method is: if the back side of the acrylic board is different from the front side and is rougher, it is a composite acrylic board.

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