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How to ensure the safety of the shower room?

Why does the shower room self-explode? In addition to the quality of the glass, the processing technology is not up to standard, which is essentially caused by the distortion of the tempered glass. The material, process technology and other conditions of the skeleton of the shower room determine the quality and safety factor of the shower room. Glass is the main part of the shower room, and the quality of the glass directly determines the quality and safety performance of the shower room. It is best to ask a professional master to install the shower room.

The emergence of automobile-grade explosion-proof glass has just solved the problem of self-explosion of shower room glass. Not only that, whether the shower room is firm and safe is also indispensable to the profile. To be able to support the glass for a long time, a high hardness, Hardware with strong corrosion resistance and strong bearing capacity is essential.


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