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How to fix the stainless steel shower room frame?

Most people who bought a stainless steel shower room didn't know how to install it and chose to deliver it to the door and install it, but they all had to pay the installation fee by themselves. In fact, it can also be installed by yourself, which will not only reduce the cost, but also guarantee the quality. The most important thing to install the shower room is to fix the frame. As long as the frame is fixed, the following steps are relatively simple. So today MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. teaches you how to fix the frame of the stainless steel shower room. I hope it can help. To you~

How to fix the frame of the stainless steel shower room?

The first step of fixing the frame is to find a hole, and then to fix the frame, but the fixed frame is more complicated and there are many steps, so I will do it step by step:

1. Determine the location of the drill hole
Place the frame on the wall, use a tape measure and a pencil to determine the location of the hole. When the tape measure ensures that the location of the hole is correct, use a pencil to mark the wall.

2. Punch
After the position is determined in the first step, punch holes are started. After punching the shallow holes according to the marks made in the previous step, use the impact drill to punch a deeper hole on the basis of the punched shallow holes.

3. Install rubber particles
Before nailing the screws into the wall, you need to install the expanded rubber particles in the punched holes, because the rubber particles can be used to better tighten the screws, and then the rubber particles are knocked into the hole with a hammer.

4. Fixed frame
The last step is to start fixing the frame. After you have completed all the previous steps, you can install the frame of the stainless steel shower room. Among them, it is necessary to put its bottom frame on the water retaining strip, and use an electric screwdriver to drive the screws into the wall to fix the frame.



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