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How to install the overall shower room?

Regarding daily home decoration, the overall shower room needs attention. Since the use of the bathhouse is very repeated, it is required to complete all the functions of the bathhouse in a limited space, so the requirements for decoration planning are relatively strict. So, what are the skills of the overall shower room?



Stainless steel sheets are embedded under the door frame to prevent obsolescence. Under normal circumstances, the toilet has more water and the environment is relatively humid, so the door frame is easier to become stale. Therefore, when decorating the overall shower room, you can consider maintenance methods that are easy to be worn out, such as removing the damaged part of the door frame from below, and inserting stainless steel sheets around the door frame after proper repair, which can effectively prevent the door frame from decay.

Mirror surface of equipment on cabinet door. In order to store some sanitary products, the bathroom is often made as a closet. The overall shower room decoration editor with complete service suggests that you can install a mirror on the cabinet door, which not only makes the bathroom space wider and brighter, but also luxurious and beautiful, and the cost is not expensive. It can also be combined with a dressing table and used as a dressing mirror.

The washbasin is fitted with a shower head. As for office workers, they are generally accustomed to washing their hair at night and taking a shower. After a sleep, they often mess up their hair. Therefore, more and more people wash their hair in the morning, especially women. Since it is more troublesome to use shower equipment every time you wash your hair, you can install a shower head on the washbasin.

Handrails for seniors and patient equipment. If you have people in your home who are inconvenient for walking, you need to consider their needs for bending and standing. Therefore, if there are things that can be supported, such as safety armrests, shower seats, etc., it will be of great help to them. The overall shower room decoration editor with good stability suggests that handrails can be installed on the wall close to the toilet to provide convenience for them to use the toilet.

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