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How to maintain massage bathtubs?

1. Use of massage bathtubs
Do not use tools with rough surfaces, chemical solvents or particles to clean the surface of the cylinder. Do not use hard objects or blades to hit and scratch the surface of the bathtub, and at the same time, do not allow cigarette butts or heat sources above 70°C to touch the surface of the bathtub. After the bathtub is used, drain the water and disconnect the power supply.
2. Cleaning of massage bathtubs
Daily cleaning can be done with general liquid detergents and soft cloths, but not with detergents containing ketones or chlorine water. When disinfecting, disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited. The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be cleaned with a soft cloth after adding a mildly acidic detergent, such as lemon juice and vinegar. The surface of the cylinder body is dirty and can be wiped with a wet towel. This process can be repeated three times, and it will be as smooth as new. If you use a hydraulic friction device for cleaning, pay attention to the steps: fill the bathtub with hot water at 40°C, add detergent per liter of 2 grams, start the hydromassage for about 5 minutes and stop the pump to drain. Then fill up with cold water, start the hydro massage for about 3 minutes, stop the pump to drain the water and clean the bathtub. If the water return and the nozzle are blocked by hair, just unscrew it to clean it.
3. Treatment of scratches on massage bathtubs
There will inevitably be some scratches on the massage bathtub during use. If there are scratches on the surface, just sand it with 2000# water scrubbing paper, apply toothpaste, and polish it with a soft cloth.

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