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How to make the floor of the shower room?

When decorating the shower room, the floor of the shower room is often exposed to water and the environment is relatively humid, so waterproofing is very important. When the shower room is waterproof, the requirements are very high. Before waterproofing, the waterproof paint must be selected first. Nowadays, polyurethane waterproof paint is generally used. When painting, the paint needs to completely wrap the sanitary pipe and the ground. After the coating is dried, it will not shrink and has a good waterproof effect.

When applying waterproof paint, you usually need to brush it three times. Do not apply on rainy days or when the air is humid. When brushing the waterproof coating for the first time, keep the ground dry, and the waterproof coating should be fully brushed. When brushing, it is best to ask a professional master. The coating needs to be in good agreement with the several layers of the ground without cracks and bubbles. The waterproof of the wall should be about 1.8 meters high.

When brushing for the second time, it must be applied after the paint of the first pass is completely dry. If the paint is applied before the first coat is dry, the waterproof effect is not very good. After the waterproof coating is finished, a protective layer needs to be laid. The protective layer should be spread on the surface of the waterproof coating. Cover the waterproof paint completely without cracks and bubbles.

After completing the above tasks, a closed-water test is needed, which is to block all the drain pipes in the bathroom, block a low wall at the door, and then pour water into the bathroom. The height of the water injection is about 20cm, and it usually needs to be observed for about 24 hours. If the wall and floor of the bathroom are not leaking, it will be considered qualified, otherwise it needs to be done again.

The choice of floor tiles in the shower room is also very particular. Don't choose marble tiles, because they are relatively smooth, and it is easy to fall when entering and leaving the shower room. Especially families with elderly people must take care of the elderly when making shower rooms.

It is best to choose the tiles of the shower room with convex and concave, because such tiles have anti-slip effect. When choosing tiles, you can use tiles with the same pattern and pattern as the bathroom, but when laying tiles, you can change the pattern. For example, the bathroom tiles are laid out in a square shape, while the shower room tiles can be laid out in a diamond shape.


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