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How to prevent mildew in the shower room?

The shower room is a relatively humid place. People are too busy at work and don’t pay attention to it. Mold is a common occurrence, but mold affects people’s visual effects after all, and it is also very unhygienic. In general, there is no benefit. , MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. The shower room tells you how to prevent mildew in the bathroom. There are the following aspects:

1. The glass in the shower room should also be kept clean at all times. After the shower, the water mist must be wiped dry in time to prevent water from infiltrating into some gaps and not evaporating to cause mold.

2. Be sure to check the relatively hidden places frequently. They are the most prone to mold. At the same time, keep the bathroom dry to avoid mold.

3. Most bathrooms are made of ceramic tiles. After all, there are gaps between the ceramic tiles. It is easy for water to seep in. Therefore, keep the tiles clean and free of moisture. After using the bathroom, use a dry rag to clean the tiles. Wipe dry, and even the gaps between the tiles should be wiped dry, so that mold can be avoided to a large extent.




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