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How to take care of the stainless steel shower room daily?

The shower room needs to be cleaned and taken care of so that it can be used smoothly. Do you know how to clean the shower room? Let me teach you how to take care of the stainless steel shower room daily!

Daily maintenance method:

1. Keep the sliding door clean, if there is debris in the track door. Please use a brush to clean up dust. Lubricate the sliding wheels in about half a year. Avoid forcefully hitting the movable door from below, so as not to cause the movable door to fall off; adjust regularly to ensure the effective load and smooth sliding of the movable door by the pulley;

2. Strictly prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting the track or aluminum frame to prevent deformation of the track or the frame, which will affect the sliding effect and easily cause safety hazards; and pay attention to prevent direct sunlight and exploding sunlight;

3. Please use cotton cloth or towel to clean the surface of aluminum and hardware parts (please do not use chemicals to clean the surface);

4. The cleaning of ordinary light glass can be wiped with clean water or glass water according to the situation. Regularly clean with glass water to maintain the smoothness of the glass. Use a neutral detergent to wipe off the dirt with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with a little alcohol Avoid using acidic and alkaline solvents. (If it is a special silk screen or colored crystal glass, try to treat it with clean water);

5. To clean the stone or chassis, please use toothpaste to clean the surface.


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