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Do you know why the shower room is not capped?

Generally speaking, the shower room does not need to be capped. The capping means that the shower room is fully enclosed. If there is no exhaust fan, there is a potential safety hazard in fully enclosed.

Because the water vapor is all locked in the shower room, the heat cannot be dissipated, especially if there are elderly people at home who also use the shower room, it is extremely easy to cause hypoxia, and the air is not ventilated, so it is easy to breed bacteria for a long time, which is very unfavorable to human health. , so the issue of capping should be considered more carefully.

The standard height of the shower room is usually 2m. If the family members are generally taller, you can choose to customize the height of 2.2m or 2.3m without capping. After all, the capping is not very beautiful and will increase the cost of decoration. But if some families really want to cap, they can install an exhaust fan and then cap, otherwise it is not recommended to cap.

In addition, the capping will also increase a lot of cleaning work. It should also be noted that in daily use, do not let rough or sharp objects touch the glass surface, so as not to damage its nature; the quality assurance of the shower room is mostly five years. With proper maintenance, the service life will also increase!

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