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What are the styles of shower glass?

Almost every family renovates the bathroom, they will give priority to the separation of dry and wet. No one wants to experience the pain of cleaning the whole bathroom after taking a shower. Therefore, many people at home will choose to install a shower room. The styles of shower rooms are becoming more and more diverse, and the types of glass are also increasing. In addition to transparent, there are also a series of glass such as frosted, frosted, silk screen, Changhong, gray glass, tea glass, etc., which can be divided into transparent glass. with opaque glass. What are the differences and characteristics of the two?


What are the benefits of transparent glass? First of all, the transparent glass makes the shower room look transparent as a whole, and it is easy to clean and maintain, but for people who pay more attention to privacy, the transparent glass of the shower room is not very good, but you can choose frosted, masked Sand these opaque shower room glass, this kind of opaque glass is convenient for bathing and toileting together, the two do not affect each other, and can protect your privacy well.


Frosted glass is divided into single-sided frosting and double-sided frosting. Single-sided frosting pastes a specific paper on one side in advance, puts it on the machine for processing, and then tears off the paper after completion; double-sided frosting is to directly remove the glass. It is processed on the machine, so the price of single-sided frosted glass is higher than that of double-sided frosted glass. Transparent glass is directly processed, so the cost is lower than frosted glass, but the difference between them is transparent and opaque. It is impossible to say which of the two is better. You can only choose based on personal preference. Although opaque glass has a more sense of privacy, it is also more expensive than transparent glass. After all, the production cost is also relatively high.


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