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Why is the shower room made open?

When choosing a shower room, it is easy to fall into contradictions. Whether the bathroom shower room is closed or open depends on the size of the overall area of the bathroom. For small-sized bathrooms, the open type is more comfortable, and the closed one will appear very congested. From the perspective of saving space Considering the perspective, we should choose an open shower room; and for a shower room with a relatively large area, you can choose a closed one for a simple bathtub, where the dry and wet separation is reasonably achieved, and the warming effect of bathing in winter is also better.

A separate shower cubicle, modern homes have higher and higher requirements for bathroom facilities as a whole shower room, many families hope to have an independent bathing space, but due to the limited sanitary space in the living room, the bathing facilities and sanitary ware can only be placed One room, the shower room makes full use of a corner of the room, and uses a closed space to clearly divide the bathing room, forming a relatively independent bathing space in a simple shower room. But it is worth noting that the enclosed shower room must be ventilated, and the open shower room can not be added, but the heat preservation effect in winter is not good, and water vapor is everywhere.

The finished shower room is basically closed, with its own ventilation and heating, but the price is relatively high. In addition, the choice of closed or open depends on the family group. For the elderly at home, it is easy for the elderly to feel uncomfortable in a fully enclosed bath, and there is a baby at home to take a bath, which requires the help of adults, and the open one is more convenient.

From the perspective of real life, the toilet is the place for excretion, and the shower room is the place for bathing. If the family member is in the shower and wants to go to the toilet, how to deal with this problem. Even if it is allowed to come in to solve urgent problems, people who take a bath can't take a bath with the smell. If it is a fully enclosed shower room, the impact will be much reduced. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the toilet and shower room are separated to separate dry and wet, which will make people feel happy and improve the health of the bathroom.


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