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Is the floor waterproofing of the shower room important?

The ground waterproofing of the shower room is particularly critical




The raw material of the pair of shower room corner strips
The ground waterproofing of the shower room is particularly critical. Floor waterproofing can block the water left in the shower, prevent the floor from returning damp and keep the bedroom dry. As shower rooms become more and more diverse, the raw materials for water barriers become more and more colorful. Its materials are natural marble, plastic, artificial quartz stone, etc. The ground waterproofing of the shower room is made of different materials. What are the materials and characteristics of the shower room's corner strips?

Plastic material
The plastic water lock strip in the shower room is economical, long-lasting, light, easy to apply, easy to install, and has excellent sealing. Many community owners prefer plastic materials, moisture-proof natural barriers, and some shower rooms and shower rooms are designed differently. The plastic water lock strip can be used to change the glass edge of the shower room and can be flexibly applied to various shapes.

Artificial quartz stone raw material
Today, artificial quartz stone in shower enclosures is very popular and has corrosion-resistant properties. , Corrosion-resistant resistors, impact-resistant resistors, non-toxic, and non-radioactive, non-viscous oil, easy to clean, dry with anti-clogging and deodorizing properties. This kind of shower partition raw material has gradually become the first choice in the sales market of renovated shower room equipment, which is much loved by us.
Natural marble raw material
The natural marble moisture-proof screen in the shower room is a kind of natural marble with smooth material and high production and processing characteristics. . The texture of each piece of natural marble is different, soft and delicate. It is a relatively high-end raw material for shower room water strips. The price is generally more expensive, but there are still many car buyers who cannot resist its unique style.

Granite raw material
Granite natural barriers in showers are harder than stone. When choosing the ground waterproof, its strength is also considered to be one of the factors, because the upper end of the ground waterproof is the raw material of the glass door of the shower room and must have a certain water-bearing capacity. In comparison, granite raw materials are more wear-resistant, the water absorption of granite is very low, the internal raw materials are closely connected, and the external water is difficult to penetrate. It is also an excellent waterproof coating with good moisture resistance.

One factor in the selection of the retainer bar was that its strength was thought to be due to the upper end stop strip made of shower glass, which required a certain retainer bar volume. In turn, it is made of some high-strength raw materials, but the wear resistance of granite is very low, and it is difficult for external water to penetrate. It also acts as a sustaining rod.

Natural marble
The raw material of the most suitable shower belt is natural marble. The building materials in the natural marble building decoration materials sold in the market can be used as a natural moisture-proof barrier for the shower room. All fixed and immovable strips containing small black stones can look particularly high, and floor tiles in other colors can also be used. The best choice for new shower room equipment, much loved by us.


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