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Should a shower room be installed in a small-sized bathroom?

When does a shower room need to be installed in a small-sized bathroom?
1. There is no heater in the bathroom, so you are very afraid of the cold when taking a bath;
2. Pay special attention to the effect of separation of dry and wet, and hope that while bathing will not be affected, family members can also go to the bathroom on one side;
3. You don't like to clean the bathroom frequently.



What is the choice for a small shower room?
If you divide it according to the style, you can choose a font, corner diamond shower room, square, arc shower room, etc.; according to the door structure, it can be divided into folding door, sliding door, swing door shower room, etc.
One-line type: It can be a single screen or one-line sliding door. Folding flat screens are becoming more and more popular among small apartment owners.

Diamond type: high area utilization rate, which can effectively save space. The standard size of the diamond shower room is 900*900mm, 1000*1000mm.

Square: The general size of the shower room is 1m*1m, which occupies a relatively large area, but it is also easy to divide the space. Common specifications of square shower room size: 800*1000㎜, 900*1000㎜, 1000*1000㎜.

Arc type: If there are elderly people at home, it is more suitable to install this kind of shower room, because there are no edges and corners, it is not easy to bump. Common specifications of arc shower room size: 850mm*850mm is the reasonable minimum size, in the extreme case, it should not be less than 800mm*800mm, otherwise it will affect the shower experience.

Based on the above content, whether or not to install a shower room in a small apartment bathroom depends on the size of the bathroom and the living habits of the family. It is also a factor that we consider whether to install a shower room.

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