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Shower room: square, arc, diamond, which one is better?

If the bathroom is not separated from the wet and dry, the water splashes when taking a bath, making the entire bathroom floor wet. When moving in the bathroom, you must be careful not to slip and fall inadvertently. Therefore, in most people's home decoration, the bathroom will be isolated from the bathroom with a shower room, so that after a bath, the wetness is limited to the floor inside the shower room, and the floor is much safer when it comes out. When designing the wet and dry partitions of the bathroom, it is generally done with the shower room. According to the different layout of the bathroom and the size of the apartment, there are many options for the layout of the shower room. The common ones are square, arc, and diamond. , And in the long and narrow bathroom, glass sliding doors are also used to isolate the dry and wet partitions. Today we will talk about the comparison of various shower room designs. You can see which one is more suitable for your own house.



1. Square shower room
The square shower room can coordinate the proportion of the entire shower room, and it is relatively loose to use; the square shower room is generally used in a small bathroom with a more square bathroom, and a small square space is often reserved in a corner It is suitable; because the pure square shower structure is more square, if two pieces of glass are used to make the shower room, a sharp corner will be formed outside the shower room. Therefore, in ordinary homes, it is rare to make a square shower room with two glass corners. .

2. Arc shower room
The arc-shaped shower room, due to the inconvenience of door opening and closing design, is also relatively rare to use in ordinary home decoration. The relatively irregular shape design is not very friendly to the use of small spaces such as the bathroom.

3. Diamond-shaped shower room
The diamond-shaped shower room can open the door on the glass in the middle, which guarantees sufficient space inside the shower room and avoids sharp corners outside the shower room. It is a more practical and comfortable shower room type. The diamond-shaped shower room satisfies the dry and wet classification, while also making the space outside the shower room spacious and comfortable.
In addition, the diamond-shaped shower room is also very suitable for use in a relatively square bathroom, allowing the toilet, shower room, and wash basin to be reasonably triangularly distributed.

4. Shower room separated by sliding door
In relatively long and narrow bathroom units, generally you can consider separating the window area as a shower room, and the design of isolating the dry and wet areas can use glass sliding doors/swing doors, so that the wash basin, toilet, and shower room are arranged in a straight line pattern. .

To sum up, according to different apartment types, choosing a suitable shower room is the most suitable design for space utilization; and for ordinary families, the best shower room design for the bathroom is a diamond-shaped partition with a sliding door.

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