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What are the causes and solutions for water leakage in the shower room?

First, what is the cause of water leakage in the shower room?
1. Water leakage in the shower room mainly occurs in the design of its own products. The general shower room has a waterproof design function, but after a long period of time, the water-retaining tape will age, and water leakage will appear at the bottom and corners.
2. However, there are some low-end shower room manufacturers that do not have a waterproof design. This type of shower room often leaks.
3. When the installation is not in place, the stone foundation is damaged or the water retaining strip is not installed in place, or the floor drain is blocked, and there is too much water in the shower room.
4. The hot and cold water pipes in the shower are damaged and leaking.

Second, how to solve the water leakage in the shower room?
First of all, we must pay attention to the waterproof rubber strips and waterproof substrates of ordinary shower rooms. This has an inevitable relationship with whether the ordinary shower room will leak, because the glue strip of the ordinary shower room is best to be a whole strip. If there are connectors, pay attention to whether there are any disconnections. Some ordinary shower rooms have poor treatment of waterproof tape, and some even directly contact the glass with the stone, causing the glass to break easily and leak water.
Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the floor drain is smooth, easy to clean, and blocked, otherwise the shower will become a "bathtub". Regarding the problem of water accumulation in the ordinary shower room: treat the floor of the ordinary shower room with drainage grooves, make drainage grooves around, and guide the water line groove in the center. Water falling on the ground will be introduced into the surrounding grooves, although it cannot be completely eliminated immediately , But there will be no water accumulation.
When buying the sealant that needs to be used, pay attention to the shelf life.
At the same time, pay attention to the structural adhesive of silica gel. Instead, use silicone weathering sealants. After filling in the sealant, carefully check the glue joints. If there are defects such as bubbles, hollows, cracks, etc., they should be dealt with in time, such as joints, inclusions, etc. Keep the seams full, dense, uniform, continuous and free of bubbles.

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