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What are the installation methods of the shower room?

1. Prepare the necessary tools for use.
2. Install the bottom basin: assemble the bottom basin parts and adjust the level of the bottom basin to ensure that there is no water in the basin and bottom. The hose can be expanded and contracted with the distance to connect the bottom of the basin and the floor drain firmly.
3. Test and protection: After installation, a water test is required to ensure that the water is unimpeded. Fourth, find the location and punch: Use a pencil and a level to determine the drilling location of the aluminum against the wall, and use a percussion drill to punch.
4. Install aluminum: knock in rubber particles in the drilled hole, and lock the aluminum strip to the wall with screws.
5. Fix the glass: clamp and lock the glass to the hole in the bottom basin, and then fix it with screws.
6. Install the jacking pipe: find the corresponding position above the fixed glass to drill holes, install the (straight/oblique) fixing seat and connect the jacking pipe. Fix it to the top of the glass with an elbow sleeve.
7. Install the device rack: Install the device rack at the accurate position, tighten the layer nut, fix the layer glass, and keep it vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to waterproofing under the aluminum material that fixes the glass.
8. Install the movable door: install the hardware of the movable door, and install the hinge in the reserved hole of the fixed door. After installation, adjust the position of the shaft core of the lotus leaf until the closing feel is the best.
9. Do a good job of waterproofing: Install the suction strip or water retaining strip on the side or under the glass as required. Use silica gel to close the joints between the aluminum and the wall, the glass and the bottom basin.
10. Debugging and tightening: Check whether each part is comfortable and smooth to use, and adjust in time if problems are found. Tighten the corresponding screws after adjustment to make the entire shower room stronger.
11. Finishing work: Clip the decorative aluminum strip into the wall aluminum material to ensure its neat and generous appearance. Finally, wipe the entire shower room with a rag.


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