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What are the precautions for shower room design?

When designing the shower room, not only must consider the size of the bathroom, freely choose the most suitable bathroom layout, but also choose the appearance of the shower room according to your own hobbies. The most important thing is to ensure that the shower is installed before the shower room is installed. The waterproofing of the house should be in place. Next, MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. will explain the precautions for shower room design.

1. Waterproof treatment of shower room
The wall of the real estate company's rough house is not waterproofed. Before applying the tiles, scrape a layer of impermeable cement and then attach the tiles. After the tiles are applied, the decorator should be asked to perform wall joint treatment on the tile joints, so as to avoid The water in the bathroom penetrates into the outer wall through the cracks in the bricks, so as to avoid the troubles.
Because toilets need to be deodorized and prevent infectious diseases, the state requires that the concave pool gooseneck bend design is required for construction. The toilet floor has been installed with first-level irrigation. However, once the water uses the ground or the water supply pipe leaks, the entire bathroom sink Fill in dirty water, and the water will penetrate all the way or turn over the wall to penetrate into the corner of the room or penetrate into the lower floor. Therefore, a secondary drainage pipe should be installed at the bottom end of the concave pool, and the floor tile joints should be scraped with impermeable cement on the ground. If the primary and secondary irrigation systems are completed, the many troubles afterwards will be relieved.

2. Free choice of shower room style
For the size of the bathroom, please choose the appropriate shower room product. The large space can be considered from the perspective of comfort and strict showering. It has a variety of options, while the small space should make full use of the area. It is better to freely choose some sliding designs that do not take up space. It is better to integrate the boutique shelf to fully Make use of space, and consider the overall effect of shower and toilet when choosing styles freely. The freely chosen shape (such as square or arc) should be as coordinated as possible with the shape of the washbasin and toilet, and the reasonable layout creates a relaxing environment. .

3. Design the bathroom before decoration
The best way to freely choose the shower room is to design the suitable size in advance and pre-bury the corresponding holes in advance before the bathroom is decorated. If the water supply has been installed and the tile and floor tiles have been installed, the shower room should be customized.


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