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What are the precautions for the shower room?

1. The pre-buried holes of the shower room size should be designed before the bathroom is decorated.
2. The best custom-made shower room with installed water supply system and ceramic tiles.
3. Wiring leakage protection switch devices should be considered before installation in the shower room to avoid rework.
4. The style of the shower room depends on the layout of the bathroom, the common ones are corner type and straight type.
5. When installing the shower room, it should be installed strictly according to the assembly process.
6. The shower room must be firmly connected to the building structure without shaking.
7. Expansion bolts must be used for the open shower room. After fixing it to the non-hollow wall and draining, the water in the bottom basin should not exceed 500 grams.
8. The appearance of the shower room after installation should be clean and bright. The sliding door and sliding door should be parallel or perpendicular to each other, and the sliding door should be symmetrical.


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