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What is a pearlescent bathtub and what is special?

Now bathtubs have entered thousands of households, and most of them are decorated with bathtubs. The bathtubs we usually see in the building materials market are mainly acrylic bathtubs, artificial stone bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs and so on. There is a kind of bathtub that looks more beautiful than the one called the Pearlescent Bathtub. Is there any difference?



Pearlescent bathtubs can actually be regarded as acrylic bathtubs, but they are obviously different from ordinary acrylic bathtubs. This pearlescent bathtub is made of a polymer composite material. The pearlescent material is on its back, and then there are protective layers and reinforcing ribs. The surface layer is a transparent board made of imported raw materials, and the pearlescent layer is attached to the bottom. , It adopts advanced gel coat technology, which has beautiful, shiny and shiny effect. The third and fifth layer is made of synthetic resin FRP layer with good heat resistance. The fourth layer is a cast resin layer, which has more texture and heat preservation than previous acrylic bathtubs. And the strength of the bathtub is quite high. Hit the surface of the pearlescent bathtub with an ordinary horn hammer, and the result is that the surface of the bathtub is not damaged, which shows that its strength is very unusual. Speaking of this, some people must want to ask if the bathtub is composed of so many layers, is it too heavy and not easy to install. In fact, the ordinary 1.5m pearlescent bathtub is only 53 kilograms, which is a little heavier than ordinary acrylic bathtubs, but its strength and heat preservation are incomparable to acrylic bathtubs and cast iron bathtubs.


Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the bathtub with pearlescent board:
Advantages: In addition to the use of high-quality acrylic and the characteristics of white acrylic sheet, the pearlescent board bathtub has better finish, higher hardness and better heat preservation performance. The self-cleaning function, strength, toughness and abrasion resistance are significantly higher than other similar plates, easy to clean, easy to repair, and anti-aging.

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