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What is a shower room partition?

Shower room partition is also called bathroom partition, shower partition, shower room glass partition and so on. The general shower room partition is made of aluminum alloy frame, and the frame is sprayed with plastic. Doing so can effectively ensure that rust and corrosion are not easy to occur in the future use process. We should remind everyone that the aluminum alloy used as the framework must be at least 1mm thick. This is mainly to prevent later deformation.



When designing a shower room partition, it is necessary to consider whether the door frame used has a waterproof function. If the door frame does not have a waterproof function, waterproof measures must be taken to prevent the water from the bathroom from flowing into the living room. And when designing the shower room partition, the size design needs to be above 0.8*0.9m, because if the size is too small, it will affect the family’s bathing experience, especially if the family members are slightly larger, they will be very inactive during bathing. comfortable.

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