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What is a shower screen?

The shower screen is one of the common sanitary wares in bathroom decoration. It is often used in small apartment home decoration. Because the shower screen has the function of isolating the toilet space, it can improve the space utilization of the bathroom, especially the small area bathroom. The shower screen can perfectly bathe Room and wash space apart.



1. Shower screen
As modern people pay more and more attention to the home life experience when decorating their houses, even for small-sized houses, the requirements for room decoration are not low. Taking the bathroom as an example, many people want to decorate a separate bathing space in a small area of ​​the bathroom, so the shower screen came into being under this demand, which not only makes the bathroom separate from dry and wet, but also makes the space level of the bathroom. Feel stronger, so that family members can better enjoy the process of bathing.
Usually the shower screen is decorated in the corner of the bathroom and has two components. The exterior is made of glass-based glass partitions, and the interior is shower and bath equipment, and the bottom is sealed with materials with good waterproof effect to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the bathroom. . Internal shower equipment includes waterfall, top spray, back spray, hand shower and so on. The shower screen is improved from the shower room, but the shower screen abandons the bulky and complicated defects of the shower room and gives people a better bathing experience.

2. Advantages of shower screen
The advantages of the shower screen are very intuitive, in general there are four points. One is that the shower screen is an independent bathing space. As we all know, an independent bathing space is very important in the family. If there is no separate shower room, the bathroom will definitely be stained with water after showering. The second is that the shower screen saves a lot of space, which can be more advantageous in a small-sized family. A full-featured shower room can be built from just one corner, which is really exciting.

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