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What is the difference between a swing door and a sliding door shower room?

In modern society, there is a saying: "The decoration of houses is not satisfactory". In the eyes of many people, house decoration is not an easy task. Once it is not handled well, it is easy to leave some regrets. In order not to regret, many owners will attach great importance to every aspect of house decoration, especially the decoration of the bathroom area. Because if you don’t pay attention, it's easy to get wet on the floor, washbasin, toilet, etc. after taking a bath.

Therefore, many owners will choose to install a shower room shower partition to achieve the effect of separating dry and wet. However, in the choice of the shower room shower partition door method, is it better to open the door or the sliding door?



Shower room with hinged door
Advantages: The overall sense of transparency is strong, and the space feels good. When opening the movable door, it can adapt to the traditional use habits and reduce the sense of oppression in small spaces. Especially for semi-frameless or full-frameless shower rooms, 8mm or 10mm thick glass is mostly used, which is noble and generous.
Disadvantages: The shower room with the outside door needs to occupy the outer space of the shower room, and it may hit the wash basin and toilet outside the shower room.

Sliding door shower room
Advantages: Push and pull the door left and right, and the toilet is easy to arrange and design without taking up external space. It is easy to use and practical. It is the best choice for small area toilets. Therefore, it occupies more than 70% of the market in the shower room market.
Disadvantages: Transparency is worse than frameless or semi-frameless shower room.

The above is all about the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the swing door and the sliding door shower room. As for the choice of the swing door or the sliding door, we think it depends on personal preferences, the habits of family members and the size of the bathroom. If If it is a small area bathroom, it is recommended to choose a sliding door shower room.


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