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What is the function of the shower room adhesive strip?

1. The adhesive strip is an indispensable part of the shower room. It must be known that its main function is to protect the glass, and it is also to prevent the glass from colliding with self-explosion and waterproofing. Now the material of the adhesive strip on the market is mainly divided into PVC, EVA, etc. Etc., because of their different natures, it can be said that their functions are also different. The quality of the rubber strip mainly depends on the quality of the raw materials and the control of the process during processing. Now the best rubber strip on the domestic market is EVA rubber strip, because its performance will not change due to changes in its climate. Whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter, the performance is guaranteed to remain unchanged.

2. The position of the rubber strip in the shower room has different effects, such as organ rubber strip, dislocation rubber strip, waterproof rubber strip, etc. The waterproof rubber strip is generally located in the measurement material and the bottom rail. Glass glue is also waterproof, which is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

3. Some low-grade shower rooms on the market do not have a good design in the treatment of the water-retaining strips at the bottom of the door, and water leakage often occurs. In addition, there are quite a few shower room manufacturers that design swing doors with spring hinges. The hinge part needs to be treated by cutting the rubber strip, which may cause the rubber strip to be not a whole from top to bottom, and the hinge part has serious water leakage.





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