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What is the general shape of the shower room?

There are mainly 4 shapes, each of which is straight, square, arc-shaped, and diamond-shaped.

1. One-shaped shower room
The one-shaped shower room is common, and the toilets in most people's homes are all strip-shaped. This type of shower room has walls on both sides, and only one side of material in the middle, so it is relatively cheap. The solution is also very simple.

2. Square shower room
The square shower room is suitable for a shower room with a larger space. It can be fixed as long as there is a wall on one side. This kind of square shower room is not so affected by the space, and you can open more.

3. Arc-shaped shower room
The arc-shaped shower room is more beautiful. If the shower area at home happens to be in a corner, you can choose this arc-shaped shower room, which looks very artistic.

4. Naked diamond shower room
The bathroom space at home is relatively small, and a diamond-shaped shower room can be used, which occupies a relatively small space, and can be flexibly designed and manufactured according to the space of the home, but this is relatively inconvenient in terms of quality, and the necessary hinge parts are also More, so the price will be more expensive.
What are the differences between a framed shower room and a frameless shower room?
The shower room is divided into framed and frameless. In fact, framed and frameless are related to the opening and closing method of the shower room. The sliding door of the shower room can slide the door up and down. The opening and closing door does not need to occupy additional space, while the sliding door must There is room to open the door, so if the bathroom at home is relatively small, it is recommended to choose a sliding door shower room.

Framed shower room: There are aluminum profiles on the shower room to fix the glass more firmly, and the service life is relatively long. This kind of framed shower room is the most common, and both sliding door and sliding door shower room can adopt this design.

Frameless shower room: The appearance looks more simple. It uses hardware instead of aluminum profiles to join the glass. It is generally suitable for sliding door shower rooms.


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