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What is the introduction of massage bathtubs?

The massage bathtub includes a cylinder body, the cylinder body is provided with a cylinder side, a shower and a switch are arranged on the cylinder side, the cylinder body is circular, and the cylinder body is provided with a surfing nozzle and a bubble nozzle. The utility model has the characteristics of convenient bathing and washing and good massage effect, and is a sanitary ware suitable for use in homes, hotels and other places.


The wall and bottom of the massage bathtub are distributed with spray nozzles, ranging from two pairs at least to dozens of pairs. It is used for water to achieve the effect of massage.
The nozzles on the bottom of the tank are mainly for massaging the back, while the nozzles on the wall of the tank are mainly for massaging the soles of the feet, the sides of the body and the shoulders.
Massage bathtub generally do not have any standard massage nozzle configuration, like Kaldewei Jacuzzi, there are at least 8 nozzles, and there are 4 Jacuzzis in the United States.

According to the configuration of the nozzles, massage bathtubs are generally divided into two types: single system and mixed system, single system, single water spray and single air jet, and combined system, which is a combination of water spray and air jet.
What kind of massage bathtub to buy, you must know the effect of the nozzle, the effect of the nozzle combination.
Listening motor

To understand the nozzle, you must know the quality of the motor. The massage bathtub is said to be an electrical appliance because it has a motor, which is the heart of the massage bathtub. But the motor is installed in a concealed place, and most people don't understand the motor, so how to judge the quality of the motor?

The easiest way is to listen to the sound.

When buying, plug in the electricity, let the jacuzzi work, and then listen carefully to the sound of the motor. The motor is good, no sound can be heard at all. For example, according to the relevant German regulations, the sound of the massage bathtub motor is 22 decibels. Such a sound is almost inaudible to human ears. With a poor motor, noise can be heard, and even obvious noise can be heard.

The jacuzzi is an electrical appliance, and safety is very important. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to check the safety certificate as an electrical appliance and the safety certificate of electrical equipment. Do you have European and American electrical safety certificates such as CE certification?
In addition, we must ask about after-sales service such as warranty and warranty. Generally, the warranty period for massage bathtubs is 1 year, but for powerful brands, the system warranty period can be up to 4 years, and the cylinder body warranty period can be up to 30 years.
Because it is an electrical appliance and an appliance that uses water, it is necessary to carefully check whether the nozzles and pipe connections are tight.
There are two types of nozzles, water spray and air jet.

Spray water
There are two types of water spray nozzles. One is to spray water from the nozzles through pipes and water pumps; the other is the unique turbo nozzle of Kaldewei, the first brand of European jacuzzi.
The sprinklers have an independent motor, and the water is sucked in from around the sprinklers, and then sprayed out from the middle.
The spray head massages through the water stream.

The jet nozzle itself does not produce water. It sprays air through an air pump and pipe, forming bubbles in the water for massage.
Compared with air jet nozzles, water jet nozzles have stronger massage power. In order to increase the intensity of the massage force box, the usual practice is to add airflow to the water spray nozzle.


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