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What is the preparation and work before the installation of the massage bathtubs?

Preparation and work before installing the massage bathtubs


1. Do a good job of checking
Put the tub in a relatively spacious area and check that the surface is intact. All kinds of spare parts should be readily available, and each nozzle hole should be bright and fastened. The quality of the motor is closely related to the use effect of the outdoor massage bathtub, so special attention should be paid to its installation, piping and quality.
2, pay attention to waterproof
Use silicone to waterproof parts that are prone to water leakage before reaching the designated location. Connect the parts that can be connected first, so as not to be inconvenient to install after being placed in the designated position. The waterproofing between the parts must be done well, especially the connection between the drain and the motor water pipe is very critical.
3. Fixed position
Put the outdoor jacuzzi in the designated position. If it is in a small bathroom, avoid excessive tilting or bumping of the tub. Put the drain hose in the pipe and make sure the water runs smoothly. After the cylinder block is placed, the anchor screws should be adjusted continuously, so that all the screws are safely grounded to ensure the overall level.
4. Secure connection
After the plug is connected, waterproofing should be done around the power connection board to avoid leakage accidents. After inspection, there is no abnormality, and the hot and cold water pipes can be connected in place. Before connecting the water pipe, do a power-on test of the motor to hear whether the sound meets the requirements. If it does not work, rework it immediately.
5. Detection function
After making the connection, put the outdoor jacuzzi completely in place and adjust the level again. Turn on the water and electricity, check all the functions, and solve the problem in time. The surfing effect of the bathtub should be checked mainly. The flushing force, the sound of the motor, and the presence or absence of foreign objects are the main contents of the check.
6. Protect the finished product
Drain the water in the tank, and wipe the remaining water droplets at the bottom of the tank and the water droplets at the spray hole to prevent the bathtub from rusting at the spray hole due to long-term use. When the bathtub is installed, other decorations of some families have not been completed. At this time, the installer should use a film to protect the bathtub to prevent damage.


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