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What is the production process of acrylic bathtub? (2)

1. Adhesion: The molded blank should be strengthened by resin bonding. The so-called bonding is generally compounded on the bottom of the sanitary ware blank with unsaturated resin and glass fiber to make the molded product have sufficient strength. There are generally two methods of application: mechanical spraying and manual application. Mechanical spraying uses a special spray gun to spray the resin and the cut glass fiber onto the bottom surface of the sanitary ware, and then use a robot or a manual roller to flatten it. Most sanitary ware production uses mechanical application methods. After the application is completed, it is best to put it in a constant temperature curing oven at 4050℃-the drying room is fully cured, and the deformation of the product after constant temperature curing will be significantly reduced in the future.
2. Edge trimming: After the adhesive product is cured, trimming and cutting are started. Manual cutting is laborious, quality is difficult to guarantee, and safety risks are serious.
Punching: If the holes on the bathtub and other sanitary wares are on a flat surface, they should be processed by machinery, such as multi-hole drills. The side device holes such as nozzles can be processed by machining centers or mechanical arms (industrial robots), but because the equipment is relatively expensive, most of them are manually operated.
3. Grinding: The device holes on the sanitary ware should be ground to prevent water leakage. Use a special sharpening head. The adhesive layer on the back of the sanitary ware grinds out a ring-shaped device plane, which is more conducive to the leakage protection of the accessories. This process cannot be ignored.
4. Bracket: Sanitary ware brackets are made of solid wood, plastic, steel structure and other materials, of which stainless steel square pipes are mostly used. When applying the adhesive, fix the pad or frame of the mounting bracket to the proper position of the product, and then install the bracket with screws or clips. The quality of the sanitary ware bracket affects the safety of the user. Therefore, the bracket of the sanitary ware must be made firm and stable.
5. Assembly: Water fittings and electrical appliances should be waterproof to ensure safety.
So far, an acrylic bathtub is completed.

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