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What knowledge does the shower screen have?

Is it necessary to buy a shower screen

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of the shower screen and the shower, I still don’t know if the shower screen is necessary? It doesn't matter, let me give you a few more tricks.

Consider the type and size of the house. The shower screen occupies a large space. If your house is relatively small, there is no need to install the shower screen, otherwise the space utilization will be greatly reduced.

In addition, in winter, the shower screen room can retain the heat, and it will only wet a small place, so that it will not make people feel cold after the shower is turned off.

Shower screen purchase skills

Now that you have decided to spend a lot of money on a shower screen, you have to shop around. When buying, you can't take some shopping points lightly.

1. The location of the shower screen: Most shower screens will have two showers. Relatively speaking, the hand-held shower is not used frequently, so its location should not affect people's normal showering. Moreover, the exposed hose should also sag at the welt, so that it is safe and easy to use.

2. Whether the massage position is accurate: You need to try this yourself, and the spray hole positions of shower screens of different brands and styles are different. When choosing products, pay attention to whether the massage position of the shower screen can be adjusted according to different people's heights, body shapes, and massage positions, so that the family can use the shower screen as desired.

3. Whether the switch is smoothly used: One of the main differences between the shower screen and the shower screen is that the shower screen has many switch buttons. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the switch of the shower screen feels easy and comfortable to use for more efficient and convenient service.

4. Shelf position: Shower screens generally have shelves. When choosing, you must see whether the height of it is suitable for family use, and whether the size can hold the usual daily necessities.

5. Whether the water outlet is sufficient: the shower screen has many water outlet holes, so the water outlet effect will be affected by many factors, such as the sealing of the shower screen, etc. The water outlet is not sufficient and smooth, which may be the quality problem of the shower screen.

How to clean and maintain the shower screen

I bought a high-end and atmospheric shower screen. If you want to extend its service life, you must learn the correct cleaning and maintenance methods.

When the shower screen needs to be cleaned, pay attention to clean it with a soft cloth, dipped in a neutral detergent, do not use acid, alkaline solvents, chemicals (such as hydrochloric acid), acetone thinner and other solvents, decontamination powder, etc., otherwise it will cause harm to the human body influences.

In normal use, prevent direct sunlight and explode the shower screen, otherwise the electronic parts in the shower screen will be damaged.

What to do if the shower screen is leaking

In many cases, the shower screen leaks because the shower screen is not well-sealed and cracked, so re-gluing and sealing is enough.


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