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What parts and accessories does the shower room generally include?

The main accessories of the shower room are as follows:

1. Pulley
The first is the edge of the frame. There are now two materials, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Compared with aluminum alloy, stainless steel is more resistant to acid and alkali, and has higher quality, so the price is slightly higher. However, not all stainless steels are of high quality and high quality. For example, household products 201 and 202 are also prone to rust. At least 304 is required to prevent rust.

2. Tempered glass
Tempered glass depends on the quality of the frame. Good stainless steel can withstand 10mm and 12mm thick tempered glass, usually a good aluminum alloy can withstand 8mm glass, and a weaker frame can only withstand 5mm and 6mm glass. When choosing toughened glass, automotive-grade glass has better toughness, transparent surface, no particles and small holes. There is another kind of glass that is easy to clean. When shampoo and shower gel adhere to it, it will fall off like water droplets. It will not be used for a long time like ordinary tempered glass and will accumulate as a gray layer. dirt.

3. Fixed stone
Fixed stones are divided into artificial stones and natural stones. Natural stone is suitable for bathrooms with floor tiles; artificial stone has no seams and is not easy to leave debris. It is more suitable for fur decoration.

4. Orbit
When buying a shower room, the track is also an important technical activity. Many shower rooms will cause problems due to pulleys when they are used later. Many pulleys are covered with nylon jackets, but there is something inside. Therefore, it is best to choose 204 stainless steel pulleys, followed by copper.


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