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Why are shower room partitions so popular?

Speaking of the shower room, this is really a good bathroom space. Families who have installed a shower room partition should deeply feel the benefits of the shower room to their home life, especially if the bathroom area in the home is not large, but the shower room partition can solve this problem well. Next, MAVAW (ZHEJIANG) SMART HOME CO., LTD. will share with you why you should install a shower room, because the shower room partition has these 5 major functions:

1. Dry and wet separation
Install a shower room in the toilet to separate the shower area from other toilet areas, which can effectively avoid water splashing to other areas. The water vapor in the shower room is blocked inside, which helps keep the toilet air dry and slows down the growth of bacteria due to the humid environment , To achieve true separation of dry and wet, is more conducive to the health of home life.

2. Security
The dry and wet separation function of the shower room can keep the bathroom floor dry and ensure the anti-slip property of the floor. In addition, rails and handles are installed in the shower room. For families with elderly and children, it can greatly improve the home life. safety.

3. Insulation in winter
The shower room gathers water vapor in a relatively airtight small space, which can slow down the heat loss during the shower in winter and achieve a good thermal insulation effect.

4. Decorative
The shape of the shower room is simple and stylish, and it is a good decoration in the bathroom. For example, the arc fan-shaped shower room and the diamond-shaped shower room, which are very popular in recent years, look more like a piece of deliberately cut cake, and the visual effect is very good.

5. Save space
In modern home life, people are increasingly demanding sanitary facilities. A small bathroom needs to contain sanitary ware and toiletries. The shower room can satisfy people's desire for private space. As long as a corner, the shower space can be clearly divided to form a relatively independent bathing space. Especially for small and medium-sized apartments, the bathroom space is not large, and it is too crowded to fit the bathtub or the bathtub, while the shower room can save a lot of space.



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