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Why does a custom shower room appear?

In the home space, many families hope to have an independent bathing space, but due to the limited space of the bathroom, only the bathing facilities and sanitary ware can be placed in the same room. The shower room makes full use of a corner of the room, and uses a fence or glass to clearly divide the shower area, so there is a shower room in everyone's mouth. However, many people will also ask, why do you want to make a custom shower room in the bathroom?

First, the dry and wet areas are separated. When using the shower, the water will not splash all over the floor and get wet, avoiding the trouble of mopping the toilet after each bath, and reducing the workload of cleaning after bathing. It reduces the humidity of the bathroom and reduces the growth of bacteria. At the same time, it also prolongs the service life of bathroom cabinets and toilet doors.

The second is space independence, decorative insulation. Most of the residential bathrooms and toilets in our country's residential buildings are combined, and the shower room is installed to avoid mutual influence and facilitate daily life. And for the winter in the north and south, using the shower room has the effect of heat preservation, making people feel more comfortable and warm in the bath. Compared with installing a bathtub, the bathroom design shower room is more space-saving, and the bathing is also more convenient, comfortable and hygienic.

If you install a shower room, it should be determined according to the size of your bathroom. The shower room not only reduces the workload of cleaning after bathing, but also increases the service life of bathroom cabinets, toilet doors and other facilities. For the bath room used in our family, first of all, it is required that its quality should be guaranteed, and we should not choose a bath room without quality assurance because of temporary cheapness. If the inferior quality is selected, it is not only easy to rust, but also unable to discharge the hot air inside. In severe cases, the glass explosion may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a quality assurance. Look for the national CCC certification label and the product's trademark on the outside. In this way, both safety and performance are the primary conditions for selection.


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